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C&C Ammo, Inc has been in operation for nearly 4 years and we are located in the Upstate of S.C. Here at C&C Ammo we produce competitively priced, high quality manufactured ammo. Our goal is to supply the needs for all types of shooters which range from competitive enthusiast to big game hunters.

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We have produced one of the top performing self defense and hunting rounds on the market today. Our self defense ammunition is manufactured to stop a threat through accelerated and wide expansion which causes devastation to the intended target. Many companies produce inferior self defense rounds that: deteriorate, over or under penetrate, or simply fail to function as intended. Superior Expanding Performance or (SXP) ammunition is manufactured from a solid copper bar stock and is designed to function in all weapon systems. SXP produces an extreme temporary and permanent wound channel that is incomparable to the leading defense rounds on the market. Both hunting and defense SXP's have up to a 2.5 times expansion along with a super tough design that will hold up to the toughest structures. When your life depends on it-Depend on SXP.

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