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How To Have A Great Experience Hunting With The Kids

How To Have A Great Experience Hunting With The Kids

December 01, 2017

Hunting season is a perfect time to get the kids involved. Here are five tips to involve your children in this hunting season.

#1.  The first tip is to keep your children involved with everything leading up to hunting. This can show your child that hunting is about more than just the kill and teach them to enjoy the process!

#2.  Think ahead and plan. During hunting season the temperatures are often cool. Take the time to make sure your children are bundled up. Not wearing proper clothing can lead to the hunting trip being cut short. Also plan ahead and pack snacks. Being in a deer blind for hours can make anyone hungry.

#3.  Sitting in the cool air for hours can be relaxing for adults but not always for the kids. When planning a hunting trip there can be lulls in the excitement, so make sure to bring something to keep the kids entertained. A cell phone or a book are both great ways to keep everyone entertained. If you want to keep electronics away from the trip take the time to identify some critters and creatures to look for.

#4.  Look for a high traffic area that would have a variety of wild life. One way to spice up the trip is to place the blind in a high activity area. Having your children name the animals and keep boredom next to none!

#5.  The final tip we have is to use proper weapons. To make sure a weapon is the appropriate size and power for a child is critical. Kids can often be discouraged from hunting because either fear of the weapon or they are uncomfortable when firing it. Having a proper sized weapon is also better for the animals because it can lead to a more accurate shot building the young hunters confidence.

Teaching the kids to hunt can be a fabulous family bonding experience full with memories. Make the most of it!

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