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Stay Safe, Protect Yourself!

Stay Safe, Protect Yourself!

August 24, 2017

Everyone has been watching their friends and loved ones move out of their homes and into college dorms. It is important to be safe when walking around your campus or to your car. Here are a few tips to make sure you stay safe and protect yourself.

Don’t Accept Rides From Strangers

This might seem obvious but do not accept rides from strangers. I know it’s easy when a harmless driver pulls up next to you and offers to take you where you need to. Even if you know them from a class do not trust them.

Pay Attention

Pay attention when walking anywhere, even during the day. Instead of zoning out and rocking out while you walk stay observant to your surroundings and always have an idea of a way out if trapped.

Avoid The Back Roads

I know it can be quicker but staying on busy and well lit streets is the safest bet.


Shrubbery is great for your yard, but gives attackers a great place to hide without giving you the slightest idea.

Keep Valuables Concealed

It’s not the time to show off. Keeping all valuables concealed is a great idea. Not showing if you have money on you keeps you safe from predators. Even removing your watch will eliminate the reason for someone to approach you.

Keep Your Ears Open

Listening to music can be dangerous. Not only will it display the nice item you have it will limit your capability to hear an attacker approaching.

Switch It Up

Walking the same path at the same time everyday allows someone to easily watch you and learn your habits. Changing your routine even by 20 minutes can throw someone off.

Back To The Basics

If you see someone that just gives you a bad vibe don’t second guess it and trust your gut.


Take your keys out before you are waiting at your door. Having your keys ready to go saves you time from fiddling in your purse to unlock the door.

Self-Defense Weapon

Keeping a self-defense weapon such as a gun or pepper spray can be very good, if you know how to use it properly. Read more about Ways to Carry Your Concealed Firearm.

BE prepared this year and try to stay in groups when possible. If you would like to explore your options for guns and manufactured high quality pistol ammunition, rifle ammunition and SXP ammunition, visit C&C Ammo in Cowpens or Greer, SC.

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