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What Type Of Gun Should I Buy?

What Type Of Gun Should I Buy?

September 21, 2017

Not everyone knows the best gun or ammunition to buy or the reason to buy one. Many people are just getting into the idea of owning a gun and purchasing remanufactured ammo. Whether it’s due to a recent break-in and the need for home protection, or taking up hunting as ...

Stay Safe, Protect Yourself!

Everyone has been watching their friends and loved ones move out of their homes and into college dorms. It is important to be safe when walking around your campus or to your car. Here are a few tips to make sure you stay safe and protect yourself. Don’t Accept Rides ...

Ways To Carry Your Concealed Firearm

Carrying your concealed firearm is a personal preference and it is important that you select a method that is comfortable to you and adequately conceals your gun. C&C Ammo recognizes that this can be a challenge depending on your body type and lifestyle. Here are 5 different ways that you ...

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