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Ways To Carry Your Concealed Firearm

Ways To Carry Your Concealed Firearm

August 11, 2017

Carrying your concealed firearm is a personal preference and it is important that you select a method that is comfortable to you and adequately conceals your gun. C&C Ammo recognizes that this can be a challenge depending on your body type and lifestyle. Here are 5 different ways that you might choose to carry your firearm.

Inside the Waistband

Also referred to as (IWB) will hold your firearm inside the waistline of your pants. It is secured by strapping around the belt, which keeps the gun close to your body and can be covered by a shirt or sweater. You will need to get use to the added pressure of the holster resting on the inside of your pants. Going up in size in your pants may create more comfort when carrying your firearm.

Outside the Waistband

The OWB or outside the waistband is the same concept as the IWB. The holster is strapped to the belt on the outside of your pants and stays close to your body, but is not the best way to keep your weapon concealed. You will probably find this method more comfortable than IWB.

Underarm Holster

If you usually wear a jacket the underarm holster may be the perfect fit. This hides away the weapon with no issue of it being seen and is readily accessible. You have the ability to customize the fit to your body type with adjustable straps.

Ankle Holster

An ankle holster is not ideal for all situations since it can be relatively slow to get to. You might find it beneficial and easier to draw from if your occupation causes you to sit all the time or kneel a lot.

Off Body Carry

Also referred to as (OBC) is a carry method in a fanny pack, purse, or briefcase. If you aren’t as concerned about the draw time carrying it in one of these items might be a great choice for you especially when traveling to the beach or going on a picnic. The biggest downside to storing your firearm in a purse or fanny pack is they are easily set down and can be left behind.

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