Types Of Components

Primers- The majority of the primers used in production are CCI but Winchester and Federal are also used. All three of these companies are the most sought after for the reliability in the primer industry.
Powder- Most of the production uses Shooters World smokeless powder. We have used this powder exclusively in our high production ammunition for the past 3 years. We also use a variety of other smokeless powders that are available on the market.

Brass- Most of our pistol ammunition is manufactured with once fired brass that is inspected and cleaned and then put back into our manufacturing process. Our complete line of SXP ammo is manufactured using new brass.

Projectiles- Our high volume pistol ammo is made with Accura Bullets and rifle ammo is made with Hornady Bullets. We also use a variety of bullets in our custom loads depending on customer needs.  Our self defense/hunting line is produced with the solid copper SXP bullet.

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